Managing the Possibility through Knowledge, Relationships and Efficiency

Welcome to my veteran owned business. My primary focus is to provide trusted Relationship, Process efficiency, Transportation and Supply chain consulting services for shippers, carriers, brokers, DCs, consultants, and regulatory authorities. I believe that you should not do business with someone unless you know what their 'Guiding Principles' are...Mine are on the next page!

My company makes business assessments; negotiates; conduct surveys and audits; and writes technical and business reports. I have taught Transportation Management for Univ of Wisconsin Executive program; authored"Sage Advice" Column on Logistics Management magazine; and writen articles for industry publications. I am a panelist in the National Academy of Science -Transportation Research Board; have been an 'expert witness'; speak at major transportation forums; am often sought after for my opinion on key industry issues; and I am on a Board of Directors for a 4PL.

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