Managing the Possibility through Knowledge, Relationships and Efficiency

CARRIERS....Looking for a few good shippers to build your programs around? Good shippers that can help you meet your service, safety and productivity goals? How are you presenting yourself in the marketplace? How are you differentiating your company from the rest of the marketplace? Are you all about what is possible or are you stuck in what can't be?  Today, shippers want to associate themselves with carriers which have:

  • Industry Knowledge and leadership
  • Strong process execution utilizing technology
  • Self initiated performance reviews- Internal and External
  • Programs that support their stands on Safety, Waste Elimination and Environmental consciousness.
  • Industry model contracts for carriers and asset based brokers
  • Programs seeking shipper opinions on tactical and strategic approaches
  • Recognition for their superior efforts
  • Well trained dispatch teams with good technical/communication skills

Have you created a program that shippers can relate to?  Will it help you achieve your growth and profitability objectives? If not why not?

What is the promise of your brand?   Are you a leader, a Carrier of Preference ?- If not we can help your team enhance its programs based on these special attributes and improve the attractiveness of your program to U. S and Canadian shippers.