Managing the Possibility through Knowledge, Relationships and Efficiency
SHIPPERS and DCs -Like people, carriers are attracted to and work hard for strong and reasonable leaders....those who have great communication skills and vision, and who can create and satisfy expectations. Is your company perceived by carriers that way? Are carriers willing to leave their other customers and offer you their service based capacity? Are carriers targeting your company for downsizing or elimination because of how you operate? Carriers want to work for shippers and DCs with:
  • Strong operating processes and measurements
  • Well defined and practical fitness for use statements and measurements.
  • Fast in and out for their drivers
  • Industry accepted model contracts - Truckload, Broker and Intermodal.
  • Vision and Leadership
  • Recognition programs
  • Problem solving skills and a willingness to use these skills
  • Driver Sensitive operating rules helping carriers attract/retain drivers.
  • Programs focusing on Safety, Waste Elimination, and the Environment.
  • Well trained employees with solid technical and communication skills
  • High First Pass Efficiency
  • Solid understanding of Industry direction - trade and regulatory

What is the promise of your brand?  Will it help you to achieve your Critical Outcomes?  Are you a leader, a Shipper or DC of Preference - if not, why not? Are you all about what's possible or are you stuck in what can't be?

We can help your team enhance its programs with these special attributes and improve the attractiveness of your program to the North American Carriers.

With CSA2010 and HOS changes now in effect....will any old carrier do? Good carriers will be looking to work with the better shippers....will you be one of them?