Managing the Possibility through Knowledge, Relationships and Efficiency

The following persons and/or organizations (listed alphabetically)are identified on this web page because they are individuals or entities with whom I have successfully dealt in the past and who have impressed me personally as professional and are knowledgeable within their business fields. This listing represents strictly my personal opinion. Every purchaser of goods or services must use his or her own judgment on the selection of vendors and I specifically do not warrant, represent or otherwise promise or guarantee satisfaction with the services or products of any person or entity listed below.  


Dry Vans Carriers  


  • Clifton Parker             G&P Trucking Co Inc (SC)            803-936-6015
  • Curt McCracken          McCracken Motor Frt. (OR)          800-231-602   
  • Herb Adams               Adams Motor Exp. (GA)               706-384-4533
  • Jerry Stahl                 Frontier Transportation (CA)        479-751-8870 
  • John Pope                 Cargo Transporters (NC)              828-459-3200 
  • Joyce Jordan             Dart Transit Company (MN)           972-274-8725
  • Kevin Burch               Jet Express Inc (OH)                     937-274-7033
  • Mike Campbell           SLH Transport (ONT)                   888-854-7548
  • Michael Gully             Gully Transportation (IL)               217-224-0770  
  • Rick Robinson            Robinson Transport( OH)              614-492-1920
  • Scott Elliott                Frontier South (GA)                      770-306-0126
  • William Goodwin        Werner Enterprises (NE)                800-228-2240

Flat Bed Carriers                                                                                                          

  • Claude Gagne             Les Transports Delson Ltee(PQ)     450-632-2960
  • Cole Hanley                South Shore Transportation (OH)   419-626-6267
  • Jerry Stahl                  Osterkamp Trucking (CA)              479-751-8870
  • Matthew Wright          Apgar Bros (NJ)                            732-356-3900 
  • Michael George           Bilbo Transports Inc (TX)              214-441 0021
  • Phillip Gerrian             Fraley and Schilling (IN)              766-932-5977 
  • Russ Balsman             ABC Rapid Delivery (IL)                 815-547-5454

Bulk/Tanker Carriers

  • Phillip Gerrian               Fraley and Schilling (IN)             766-932-5977 
  • Jerry Stahl                    Dedicated Fleet System (CA)       479-751-8870
  • Steve Welty                  Kenan Advantage Group (OH)      877-844-3455          
  • Neil Strosnider             Modern Transportation (PA)         724-368-3900

Freight Brokers

  • Jeff Tucker       Tucker Worldwide (NJ)                   856-498-5361                            

Intermodal Consultants

Consultants(C) Attorney (A) and Professionals(P)

  • A          Michael M. Briley Esq .     SLK-Law               419-321-zzzz    
  • AC        Annette Sandberg, Esq    TranSafe              202-321-9485 
  •          Dr. Edward J. Marien       U.W- Madison       608 441-7304  
  • C          Eric Starks                       FTR Assoc           888-988-1699  
  • P          Terry Burnett                  Burnett Ins.           501-255-1618  
  • C          Denny Grim                   Sound Business       630-443-7760
  • C          Lorne Shiele           
  • C          Dave Weisel                  WSL Logistics          509-758-3591


National Industrial Transportation League

American Society of Transportation and Logistics

Transportation Intermediaries Association